The Music Pen Club Japan was set up in 1966 by 40 members in order to protect the rights of the writings of music critics and journalists in Japan. The name of the organization then was The Music Writers Association, consisting of the members in the classical & popular music fields, and audio specialists.
This organization is the sole organization in Japan to be set up by music critics and journalists. We have held to enhance our music culture with our writings as our prior goal.
In recent years, our activities have expanded to general cultural activities too. There are various types of members now, such as songwriters, literature critics, DJs, music scholars, music producers, and many other personnel involved with writings on music.
In 1994, we changed our name from The Music Writers Association to The Music Pen Club Japan. We have approximately 200 members at the present.

ĀŠAbout MPCJ's activitiesĀ‚

1 Music Pen Club Awards
This is an annual award set forth by our organization in 1993. The awards are elected by not limiting personnel, but the whole members of our organization.
2 Copyrights protection
Our organization arranges and negotiates with companies involved, not to violate our member's writings and copyrights. In case of disputes on reuse or misappropriation, our organization will act as a representative for the member in order to solve the case.
3 Social comments
On the basis of protecting the music culture of Japan, our organization will deliver a message on social problems involved with music to every media concerned.
4 Open references
When there should be requests for references of SP & LP records, manuscripts, and other resources, our organization shall provide such resources with the cooperation of our members to enhance the music culture in Japan.

ĀŠMember requirementsĀ‚

1 The member must be involved in music writing continuously.
2 A new member should be recommended by at least two members and approved by the committee of the organization.
3 Upon approval, the new member should be noticed in our organization' s monthly report, and if there should not be any objection for two months, the person should be accepted as a member of the organization.